Amazing Tips for Building Your Own DIY Shed

diy shed

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Have you ever wanted a shed in your backyard? You can absolutely build it yourself and end up with an awesome-looking shed.

Let’s discuss great tips and the cost of building your shed by yourself. It’s important to know sheds come in many sizes and designs, so you need a clear picture of what you want the shed to look like.

After figuring out what the ideal DIY shed looks like, you will need to tally up how much it will cost to build.

What Kind of Shed Do You Want for Your Yard?

A backyard shed can be very helpful. If you need to store a lawn mower, brooms, flower pots, or other yard tools, this is the perfect place.

Sheds come in various designs, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular sheds.

Gable Shed

This type of shed is very popular since they are easy to assemble and won’t cost you a fortune. This is the simple shed model for first-time builders.

A gable DIY shed will be great for storing tools and other gardening supplies. The simple shed has an entry door and a roof. The shed is in a square or rectangular shape depending on your preference.

Salt Box Shed

This stylish design is a step up from the simple shed. These designs tend to be small but have a very unique architecture.

You would assemble the base of this shed similar to a regular shed, but the roof comes down at an angle. This is why it’s called a “salt box.” It’s like a slanted shed so the space inside looks more compact.

Some people use this type of shed as a playhouse for children. The possibilities are endless.

Metal Shed

This shed is the sturdy shed. Most of the time, a metal DIY shed is made of steel, aluminum, or iron. The awesome thing about this shed is that it’s fireproof.

This shed won’t fall apart on you. It will also withstand any weather condition. Security is also a plus. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to break into a metal shed.

Vinyl Shed

Vinyl is a material that is known to be sturdy. You may want just the roof to be vinyl on your shed, or the entire shed itself. It’s up to you.

Vinyl will give the shed a modern and futuristic look. Vinyl sheds are a great option since you won’t have much upkeep.


DIY sheds have a reasonable price range. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000. The cost of the shed really depends on the type of shed you want, size, and design. Vinyl sheds are going to be more expensive than wooden sheds.

Metal sheds are more expensive as well. A simple design will be less than an intricate shed with multiple features. To save money, use a simple design with wood.

Paint and glass will also add to the cost. You can use glass if you want windows on the shed.

How to Build Your Shed

First, you need to make a list of what’s needed. Usually, you will need a hammer, tape measure, framing square, miter saw, screwdriver, sander, gloves, and safety glasses.

Laying your base is going to be the first step. You can spray-paint to map out where the base materials will go.

Measure the material of your choice and cut with a saw. An electric drill will be your best bet for getting the screws to go in.

After the foundation is laid out, do the same for the side of the shed. You can now connect the base and one of the sides. Next, complete the other side.

The roofing comes last. You simply screw the roof down on the edges to complete the look. Go around the shed and look over the corners to make sure everything is sturdy and intact.

Depending on the look you want, you can design and paint the shed.

Don’t Forget These Tips

Aluminum roofing is a good idea financially. Metal also lasts long and is more durable than wood. You will only spend an extra $100-$300 on the roofing.

Sliding doors are a great idea for convenience. It may surprise you, but they’re easier to build as well. The only bad thing is security. Sliding doors are not the most secure option.

Detail the shed as much as you can to dress up the look. You want your shed to look good on the outside, too. Simply adding corner borders and windows will help your shed look amazing.

Now You’re Ready

You now know what it takes to build a DIY shed. You have design ideas, an estimate of how much you’ll spend and the necessary tools.

Building your own shed will prove to be rewarding and empowering. You get to look in your backyard and think, “Wow I made this.” Good luck and happy building.

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