Drywall Repair: 5 Approaches That You Should Know About

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Drywall is a very versatile material for constructing the interior walls and ceilings of your home.

Traditionally, drywall is relatively easy to manipulate when compared with other materials like plaster. This means that even amateur drywallers can install drywall. Yet,if you want to maximize your repair, there are some important approaches that you should take.

In this article, we offer 5 approaches to drywall repair, gearing our approaches towards amateur drywaller who are doing this for the first time. Within each section, we emphasize how the method we chose will ultimately enhance your drywall repair. Towards the end of the article, we offer our final thoughts on drywall repair.

Assemble A Team Of Drywallers

Assemble A Team Of Drywallers IMAGE BY: Gumtree

This is something that many drywallers forget to do before starting their drywallrepair. Yet, as the old adage says, two heads are better than one.

Assembling a team of fellow drywallers is especially important if you’ve never done a drywall repair before. Depending on the extent of this repair, you might need as few as one additional worker or as many as 10-15.

The important thing is to err on the side of caution. There’s no reward for being understaffed when completing a drywall job. This will only lead to more stress when doing your repair, which could affect your productivity and compromise the repair.

Many people also underestimate the social benefit of enlisting the help of others. Simply being around friends and family when involved in a construction project can be a good opportunity to bond.

View The Repair As A Form Of Art

We recommend viewing your drywall repair as a form of artistry. This means that the team you assemble will ultimately be your collaborators.

Viewing them in this way is important because it will prevent a hierarchy from being established that places you above your team members. This kind of valorization could be detrimental to productivity, as emotions could be stoked in a way that leads to inefficiency and destruction rather than efficiency and construction.

Some people even view a team drywall repair as a therapeutic art. In this sense, the activity of repairing the drywall distracts the ego and allows the unconscious to express itself. This could be critical for someone who wants to open up about some issue in their life. Repairing drywall can thus be a psychologically liberating activity that allows you to express your feelings to another person or group of people.

Understanding the therapeutic potential of drywall repair is important because it might allow you to assume the role of a therapist during the construction process. If the person you’re working with starts giving signs that they want to open up, then you should encourage this transparency without making any kind of judgment.

Essentially, provide an ear for your team members and let them know you are listening tothem. Yet, don’t bring too much attention to the psychological exchange taking place.  It’s critical that the drywall repair maintain its façade in order to occupy the ego sufficiently. Once the superficial body is distracted with working and construction, the deeper parts of our psyche can emerge in order to be analyzed and dealt with.

Set Your Intentions Very Clearly

rawpixel IMAGE BY: rawpixel

Many workers forget that intentions cannot be manifested unless they are consciouslyset.

Many workers are scared of setting intentions clearly because they don’t want to be held accountable in case they fail. Thus, they purposely avoid setting intentions or set them so loosely that failure is impossible. 

This is ultimately an illogical way of thinking. Just because you fail to manifest your intentions does not mean you have to be critical of yourself. Failure can be viewed as an opportunity for growth rather than an opportunity for self-deprecation.

We recommend setting your intentions first thing the morning, as this is when we are usually freshest and most present.

Setting intentions can be as simple as writing down three goals on a piece paper. Many people like to do this and them repeat these goals as a kind of mantra each morning. This practice would be especially effective if paired with an activity like meditation. Conscious meditation would allow you to still your mind and mantra repetition would align your vision with your future actions.

Some workers struggle with vocalizing their intentions. These workers would benefit from a more creative way of thinking about the future.  For example, some workers find it easier to draw their intentions using many different colors. Other workers find it easierto vocalize their intentions while they’re exercising, as intense body movements can overwhelm the fearful parts of our ego that are preventing us from connecting with our desires.

Really, what’s most important is that you get in touch with what you want to accomplishwith this project. Some workers forget that their desires matter too, as the drywall repair might be initiated to help out someone else. But, don’t forget that you have needs too and that ignoring these could actually negatively impact your drywall repair.

Go At Your Own Pace


IMAGE BY: PublicDomainPictures

Despite its cliché nature, this adage is actually quite relevant when doing any kind of drywall repair job.

Some philosophies encourage drywallers to complete the job as fast as they can, though this can result in a precarious construction that creates problems later on. We recommend not rushing the job, as the integrity of your home is at stake here.

When you think about, the difference between a quick drywall repair and a time-consuming one is almost negligible when considering how long you will likely benefit from the drywall repair. Since many first-time homeowners stay in their home for at least 10-15 years, a top-notch drywall repair will continue to pay dividends for quite a while. Even if this means spending an extra few weeks or months acquiring specific parts andperfecting your drywall repair, this investment of time will pay off in the long run.

This insight applies not only to the total length of the project but to each individual action that is performed. Some workers get frustrated after experiencing an undesirable aspect of their project and try to expedite its completion by rushing every small task that comes up. Yet, this can result in further complications that only slow down the project.

We recommend going at your own pace and maintaining a grounded patience throughoutthe project. Impatience, on the other hand, will unground you and lead to irrational choices that could compromise your repair.

Keep It Light AndFun


IMAGE BY: trevoykellyphotography

It’s also important to remember that there’s more to life than a successful drywall repair. Some workers get so wrapped up in the process and outcome that they forget how beautiful life can be.

We recommend taking breaks frequently throughout your repair, as this will give you a chance to detach from your work and focus on another aspect of your life. This could be as simple as a quick lunch break away from your workstation or a short hike with your working partners.

We also recommend embracing a fun, light-hearted atmosphere when you are actively working. This will help minimize stress levels and will serve as motivation throughout.

Many workers claim that listening to inspiring music can help them get into flow when working. This is important, as many aspects of drywall repair entail tedious and repetitive acts. Music can serve as a kind of rhythmic guide that even makes the time seemingly go by faster.

Remember To Eat And Drink

healthy salad

IMAGE BY: silviarita

It’s also important to stay sufficiently nourished and hydrated throughout yourrepair job.

We recommend eating fresh, ripe fruit, as this will keep you light while also providing youwith tons of nutrition. Anything heavier could weigh you down during your repair job or result in some kind of indigestion. This could be disastrous for a long repair job, as you would then have to suffer through unpleasant physical sensations while trying to maintain your productivity.

In this sense, it’s critical that you stay connected to your body’s needs throughout this process. Some workers ignore their bodies or forget to eat or drink because they are so wrapped up in the job. This can unconsciously impact the precision and accuracy of their work. Ultimately, we perform our best when our bodies are sufficiently fueled by foods high in vitamins and minerals.

Our Final ThoughtsOn Drywall Repair


IMAGE BY:  TeroVesalainen

We think many workers underestimate the difficulty of drywall repairs.

While you don’t need much construction knowledge in order to install drywall, there are still many obstacles that could arise throughout your project. Being prepared for these obstacles will allow you to overcome them without incurring significant loss.

Many of the approaches we offered in this guide focus on maintaining a strong state of mind throughout your construction. This entails asking for help if you need it, viewing your repair as an art and consciously setting intentions. It also means going at your own pace, keeping the job in perspective, and properly nourishing yourself.

If you follow these approaches, then we guarantee that your drywall repair will be a fun, fulfilling project free of stress and danger.


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