10 Neat Garage Organization Ideas

garage organization ideas

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The garage can be known by many names, such as the man cave, and yet, it tends to be the place where items that are needing storage go to disappear.

Without proper organization, a garage can quickly go from extra space to a hot mess in a matter of days.  That is why garage organization is so important.

Garage Organization doesn’t have to be rocket science.

In fact, it can be made very simply with the help of a few different tools.

From shelving to cabinets and even storing some of your season stuff from the season, you can watch your garage go from hot mess, to neat and organized.

10 Neat Garage Organization Ideas

There are a number of neat garage organization ideas out on the market, so we’ve done a little research and compiled a list of neat garage organization ideas for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at these neat ideas and who knows, you may find some new ideas for your own garage.

1. Wire Shelving

Wire shelving units come in many forms, such as the traditional shelving to wall mounted units, and both are popular for garage organization. Most wire shelving units are adjustable, and they allow for cleaner units because less junk and dust can collect on them.

2. DIY Storage Towers

We all have those large plastic storage bins laying around, and while most people simply stack them one on top of the other, that makes them difficult to get into when you want something from them.

While traditional shelving can hold these bins, some of the rather tall ones have a hard time finding homes. So why not build your own storage tower? Going the DIY route means you can make it to your specific needs.

3. DIY Garage Ceiling Tracks

Hanging large plastic storage bins can be a pain, especially when you need your floor space. So why not hang them from the ceiling? One way to create your own storage ceiling tracks is to take and screw up 2x2s to the ceiling framing.

To create the bar for the bins to slide on, take 1x4s and center them on the 2x2s and screw them in. This method is ideal for light to medium weight items.

4. Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is a great way to get things off the floor and maximize your storage space. These overhead racks are to be attached to the ceiling studs and are heavy duty and capable of holding up to 600lb of weight.

5. Garage Cabinets

Hanging cabinets on your garage walls is another excellent way to keep your garage organized. Many garage cabinets are made of metal to help make keeping things tidy easy. The Gladiator Ready-to-Assemble GearBox is a popular garage cabinet because it can easily attach to Gladiator Wall System to help free up space.

6. Peg Rail Organizer

Peg rails are good for holding more than your hat. In fact, they can be great organizational tools in your garage for items such as bungee cords, wire rolls, and hanging things like brooms and shovels. While almost any peg rail will do, many chose metal peg rails for their sleek, clean look. Additionally, they are stronger than many wood rails.

7. Pegboard Wall

Pegboard walls do wonders for organizing a garage, especially when it comes to hanging larger items such as shovels, brooms, and some larger power tools. Pegboards come in different forms, but metal pegboards are more common because they are merely stronger than conventional boards.

8. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips can be amazingly useful tools for organizing any garage. From storing drill bits to small tools, magnetic strips are so versatile and can be a great help when trying to keep track of small, metal items.

9. Corner Shelves

The corners of the garage are usually where things go to get lost because as boxes tend to pile up, things get shoved back into the corner and forgotten about. By making use of corner shelving units in the garage, you can store items and get to the more regularly than having to rifle through endless boxes.

10. Gladiator GearTrack

Organize your garage and store more on the wall with Gladiator GearTrack. It helps get items off the floor securely and safety and has endless storage possibilities with these versatile, easy-to-install panels. These panels mount directly to bare wood studs or on drywall over wood studs and has a weight capacity of up to 100lbs per linear foot. A 10-year limited warranty is available on this product.

Garage Organization Individualized

Garage organization doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can easily be individualized to each person’s specific need.

Whether it is just a little extra room to fit the car in the garage or rearranging so, you can put that workbench in.

There are so many different garage organization ideas out there to chose from, and you are bound to find something that works for you.

(After you’re done with organizing your garage, you may want to make giving your home a facelift as your next DIY project.)

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