How to Paint Cabinets In 5 Simple Steps

how to paint cabinets

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When it comes to home improvement, some rooms that usually receive some sort of facelift are the kitchen and bathrooms.

While many would like to replace the cabinets in these rooms, it is often much easier to have them painted or to paint them yourself.

Below, we have compiled a list of five easy steps to help show you how to paint cabinets you are more into DIY projects.

5 Easy Steps to Painting Your Cabinets

These five steps on how to paint cabinets will not only help keep you organized and moving along smoothly. They may help to ease your mind as some people find painting to be a somewhat daunting task.

Rest assured, it can be quiet simple if you take your time and do it right the first time. And the results will leave a smile on your face for sure.

1. Prep the Room

First thing first, you’ll want to clear out your space, whether it be the kitchen or bathroom. Take everything off the countertops and out of the cabinets and put them in storage containers for the time being.

Once the room is cleared out, you’ll want to cover the floors, countertops, backsplashes, and all appliances.

From there, you will want to begin removing all hardware from the doors such as hinges, handles, and the likes. Make sure you label everything in plastic bags, so you don’t mix things up, or lose them.

The final step in the prep work is to make sure you clean all surfaces to get rid of any grease or other residue.

2. Smooth Out Imperfections

Once you have everything removed, put away and cleaned, you’ll move on to sanding the surfaces that you intend to paint. It’s essential you sand your surfaces just enough to scratch the surface, so the new paint has something it can grip onto.

Once you’ve finished sanding, make sure to check for any imperfections and fill them in with either caulk or spackle. Once it’s dried, sand it again.

3. Prime the Cabinets

After you’ve sanded and cleaned the dust from the cabinets, you will want to apply a coat of primer. You will want to paint first against the grain and then with it. You will also want to do the inside of the cabinet and doors first and let them dry before doing the exterior. 

4. Sand Them Down

After you have allowed the cabinets to dry for a few hours, you are going to want to sand them again. Like before, you are only sanding it down enough to scratch the surface so the new paint will have something to grip onto.

After you have sanded the primer, make sure to look for any missed nicks or gouges in the wood and make sure to fill them before moving forward with the final step.

If you do have to fill anything in, you’ll have to sand and prime the spot again to prep it for the final color.

5. Brush on the Color of Your Choice

Once everything has been sanded down again, you can finally get to painting your cabinets the color you’ve chosen for them.

Most people find it easier to use a chisel-tipped paintbrush to apply the final color. Again, start on the back of the doors and brush the paint on with the grain. Once you finish with the interior, you can move onto the exterior of the cabinets.

Keep in mind, you will most likely need to do a minimum of two coats to get the desired effect, so be patient.

Once the paint dries, you will want to check for any further dings or nicks and fill them in and touch up the paint as needed. Once your cabinets are done to your liking, all you have to do is reattach any hardware and rehang the doors to them.

Painting Cabinets Can Be Made Simple

Yes, painting cabinets can seem like a big project, and it is, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

In fact, many people chose to take on the project themselves because it can cost a heck of a lot less to do it yourself than to have professionally painted.

According to Home Adviser, having your kitchen cabinets done can cost upwards of a thousand dollars whereas it would only cost around $200 for you to buy all the necessary materials to do it yourself.

By following our how-to guide on painting cabinets, you’ll ease your mind, and you will be able to take this task on yourself. If you take your time and do it right the first time, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Then, in the end, you will be able to look back and admire all your hard work.

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