Finding the Right Planter Box Plans

planter box plans

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A planter box is great for planting your favorite plants and flowers in any season. This miniature garden will bring life to any area of the home or yard.

They’re a fun project to work on in the spring as the flowers begin to bloom and the sun begins to shine again. These are also great for growing your own vegetables, fruits, or herbs.

There are so many types of planter box plans and you can build them all yourself. Decorations and the material you use to make the planter box make all the difference.

One of the biggest benefits of building a boxed-in garden is stopping weeds from making a pathway to your plants. Slugs and snails won’t be able to infiltrate the plants, either.


Depending on the material you would like to use, you’ll probably only spend $100. Building the box yourself will save more money than buying a box from the local gardening store.

Pre-built boxes run for about $60-$100. Of course, you will also have to consider the cost of soil and the plants themselves.

The plants themselves will be a few dollars. This price can change if you buy seeds, or if you opt to buy a plant that has already grown, and you want to put it in your box.

The size of the planter box will also impact how much you spend. Some boxes are for windowsills, but some are much larger to put in your garden.

Types of Planter Box Plans

You have a wide variety of options to choose from. Each design is unique and will depend on your use for the box.

Here are some of the most popular models:

  • Window Planter Box

A window planter box is one of the smallest designs you can use. These are designed to sit on a windowsill. Small plants such as herbs will fit great in this box.

You might need to buy or install a metal hinge to hold the box up on the side of the house.

  • Deck Planter Box

This will be much larger than the previous model. The deck planter box is ideal for larger plants. You can make it as big as you want but it will probably end up being at least 2ft tall.

  • Planter Box Ideal for Vegetables

To grow your own food, you’re going to need a rather large model. Cedarwood is great for this design since it’s pretty sturdy.

Attach legs and a foundation on the bottom of the actual box for better support.

  • Flower Planter

These usually come in sizes of 4ft or 8ft. This is designed specifically for flowers. This is another very simple design. You won’t need the extra support for planting flowers.

Step by Step Instructions

To build your own DIY planter box, you will need an electric drill, miter saw, screws, screwdriver, wood, tape measure, nylon screen, and wood cleats.

Before you begin the process, make sure to measure and cut the boards you’ll need. The galvanized screws will aid you in securing the pieces together.

Drainage holes are important for any planter box. You’ll need these holes to allow excess water to drain out the bottom of the box. This will prevent your plants from drowning.

Use the nylon screen to line the bottom of your box. After this, you can attach it to your deck or let it stay where it is.

What to Consider

Think about what size you want the box to be. Where do you want it to fit? Measure and plan accordingly for the best outcomes.

Consider the height of the box as well. If you’re planting vegetables, you will need a rather tall box. There needs to be enough room for the roots of the plant to flourish.

The potential for grass is a common issue. Grass grows everywhere. Think of how you plan to control the grass growing in your planter box.

Take a look at the type of soil you want to put in the box. Choosing a great quality of soil will go a long way for your plants.

Another great tip is to put a wooden stake on all four corners of the box. This will stop the box itself from shifting and moving. It’s also a great finishing touch. A raised box will make it more convenient on your back as well.

You Can Do It

You have everything you need to know to build a beautiful planter box for your yard. There are so many options to choose from and you can take pride in knowing you built something wonderful.

This simple task will pay off no matter which plants you fill the box with. You can indulge in fresh vegetables and herbs or enjoy the view of various flowers and plants in your garden.

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