Best Way To Clean Windows: 8 Cleaning Products You Should Use

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When it comes to cleaning windows, you need the best.

To clean your glass without leaving any streaks behind, you need a good quality glass cleaner.

There are many different window cleaning products available on the market. This means that it can be difficult sometimes to know which one is going to get the job done the best.

Below is our comprehensive list of the 8 best ways to clean windows. Let’s take a look at each one and review their window-cleaning abilities.

Comparison Table

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Why Are These The 8 Best Ways To Clean Windows?

Our in-depth guide to the 8 best ways to clean windows covers what we believe to be the 8 best window cleaning products currently available.

In our review of these 8 best window cleaning products, we’ve included specifications of the product along with a star rating out of five.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 8 best ways to clean windows.


[amazon link=”B0052V1JA2″ title=”Best Way To Clean Windows Overall: Sprayway Glass Cleaner” /]

[amazon box=”B0052V1JA2″ /]

If you’re someone who likes to get the job done and done well, then you’ll love the window cleaner that’s at the top of our list.Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a powerful spray that will dissolve grease, grime, and dirt effectively. It also does a great job at leaving your glass streak-free and clean.While this way to clean your windows is a bit on the expensive side, it’s received so many rave reviews that we believe it to be worthy of such an investment.This particular window cleaner comes in a 19-ounce bottle. When you spray it onto your window, it will appear as a foam. This foam then clings to the glass surface, which solves the first problem of having cleaner dripping down your window.This ammonia-free product can be used on all types ofdifferent surfaces, including enamel, windshields, tile, mirrors and, of course, windows.One thing we love about the Sprayway Glass Cleaner is thatit has a fresh scent that isn’t too overpowering – something that’s hard to achieve in the glass cleaning industry. It is guaranteed not to leave behind a film or residue. The proof is in the pudding. If you look online, you’ll findmany people who have given overwhelmingly positive feedback about this window cleaner, saying that it does the job perfectly and leaves nothing behind.


[amazon link=”B00R7YWQPE” title=”Best Way To Clean Windows On A Budget: Windex Original Glass Cleaner” /]

[amazon box=”B00R7YWQPE” /]

If you’re someone who loves the tried and tested productsthat continue to prove themselves time and again, you can’t go wrong with an original way to clean windows.The Windex Original Glass Cleaner has been around the block and knows what it’s doing. It’s also a great option if you don’t have too much to spend – it won’t set you back as much as Sprayway.This liquid window cleaner comes in a 23-ounce bottle. Withits comfortable grip handle, it can be used on many different surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom. It contains an ingredient that’s patented by Windex, so youwon’t find it anywhere else. This ingredient is called ammonia-d, and it is designed to cut through grease and grime before you do any wiping.It is said to get the job done effectively without leaving any streaks behind. One downside to the Windex Original glass cleaner is that it tends to drip when used on vertical glass – making us wish they still made a foam version.


[amazon link=”B004GCSMKS” title=”Best Way To Clean Your Windows With Wipes: Windex Flat Wipes” /]

[amazon box=”B004GCSMKS” /]

You may be someone who likes to combine the product and the cloth you wipe the product with. Enter Windex Flat Pack Wipes.These wipes are one of the best ways to clean windowsbecause it focuses on making the job as efficient and convenient as possible. The Windex Flat Pack Wipes can be used on all different kinds of household surfaces – plus, they come in a handy carry around pack which you can take withyou in the car.This product usually comes as a three-pack, with each packcontaining 28 moistened wipes, for a grand total of 84 Windex wipes. These wipes are designed explicitly for surface, notably glass, cleaning and won’t leave behind any streaks – just a shine.Simply peel back the sticky cover, grab a wipe and seal thepacket again. The sealed container keeps the wipes moistened and fresh until you need to use them.We love the Windex Flat Pack Wipes because they makecleaning windows and surfaces around the house quick and easy.


[amazon link=”B0013FQKQO” title=”Best Way To Clean Windows Naturally: Method Natural Glass Cleaner” /]

[amazon box=”B0013FQKQO” /]

While conventional cleaners typically do an excellent job atcleaning windows, they do tend to come packed with chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for us. If you’re someone who prefers to clean chemical-free, our next window cleaner is for you.The Method Natural Glass Cleaner is a favorite among people who like to keep it natural. This window cleaner gets top marks for being non-toxic and biodegradable. However, this doesn’t prevent it from being a high performing glass cleaner.You can get the Method Natural Glass Cleaner in a 28-ounce spray bottle. These bottles often come in pairs and are mint-scented. Like many of our other window cleaners, the Method Natural cleaner is multi-purpose.You can use it on many different household surfaces including mirrors, countertops, appliances and more. Because the ingredients are non-toxic and free of ammonia, it’s a great product if you’ve got little kids running around, or pets who may ingest it.Method says that their window cleaner won’t leave behindstreaks. Plus, the bottle itself is made out of recycled plastic.When it comes to customer feedback, this product was ratedhighly for its natural ingredients and sustainability. Most customers agree that it has a pleasant smell and is able to cut through grime and grease without leaving visible streaks.The only downside to this natural window cleaner is that itstruggles to cut through heavy-duty dirt.


[amazon link=”B0007OWD2M” title=”Best Way To Clean Windows For Cars: Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner”]

[amazon box=”B0007OWD2M” /]

While you can use regular window cleaner to get at those carwindows, there are some advantages to choosing a cleaner that’s specifically designed for your car.One significant advantage is that it won’t drip down thewindow. Because the glass on your car windows is curved, most conventional glass cleaners will quickly drip down into the dashboard.Not the Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner. This glass cleaner is specially designed as a no-drip cleaner that comes out in a fine mist, sticking to the window of your car and nowhere else. What’s more, it’s been made without ammonia, so it’sbetter for you.You can get the Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner in a 19-ounce spray can. This window cleaning product can also be used in mirrors or tinted glass. If you want your car windows to outshine everyone else’s, we recommend using a microfiber cloth with this product.What we love most about this window cleaner is that you canuse it in your home, too.


[amazon link=”B01NCOUY05″ title=”Best Way To Clean Windows And Screens: Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes” /]

[amazon box=”B01NCOUY05″ /]

Most of our household products these days have more than one function. This leads to convenience and less time doing the cleaning.Our next best way to clean windows involves a product that’salso great on a lens or electronic screen. This means that you just have to buy one cleaner to do it all.The Care Touch Lens wipes come in a box and are all individually wrapped. You get 210 wipes in a box. The Care Touch formula is made without any ammonia, which means it can be gentle on fragile surfaces like lenses.We recommend using this window cleaning product in a number of different ways. They include camera lenses, keyboard, smartphones, and your glasses.Customers rave about this window cleaner and how it can get every job done well. They love that each wipe is wrapped individually, sealing in the moisture. This being said, the wipes themselves aren’t too wet and can be placed in your bag or the car for ease of use.


[amazon link=”B000VDRKNQ” title=”Best Way To Clean Windows And More: Pine-Sol Multi-Purpose” /]

[amazon box=”B000VDRKNQ” /]

We’ve already mentioned a couple of window cleaning products that can clean more than just your windows. However, this next cleaner is designed specifically for this purpose.Pine-Sol Multi-Purpose cleaner is a fan favorite for getting all kinds of different glass cleaning jobs done around the house. It’s a product that gives you a lot of bang for your buck – it comes in a large 60-ounce bottle that’s surprisingly affordable.The Pine-Sol formula goes a long way, so you don’t have toworry about running out anytime soon. It also has a pleasant lavender scent. This window cleaner is designed to cut through heavy-duty grime and grease on many different surfaces including countertops, glass, and ceramic.One thing we love about Pine-Sol is that you can alsoeffectively treat laundry stains with it – it’s truly a multi-purpose cleaner. As full disclosure, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use this cleaner on aluminum, unsealed wood or marble.Another feature we love about the Pine-Sol window cleaner is that it’s concentrated – meaning a little really goes a long way. One cup of Pine-Sol solution can be mixed into a gallon of water, which will easily go around the whole house.This window cleaner is loved for its fresh, clean smell.


[amazon link=”B00O2AYF5K” title=”Best Way To Clean Windows Inside And Outside: Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger” /]

[amazon box=”B00O2AYF5K” /]

We’ve covered a range of different household windowcleaners, from foaming sprays to concentrated multi-purpose solutions that can include most surfaces in your home.What if you want to do some window cleaning outside, too?Don’t worry – there’s a window cleaner for this.The Glass Plus Trigger window cleaner is an excellent product if you regularly clean your house from the inside out – or the outside in. It’s a great multi-purpose spray that can be used on all types of different surfaces. These include stovetops, mirrors, granite and stainless steel, as well as windows.This window cleaner will cut through even the toughestgrease and grime to leave a shine that’s streak-free. With glowing customer reviews, the last window cleaner on our list is affordable and works hard for you so that you don’t have to buy multiple products.

Looking At The 8 Best Ways To Clean Windows

So, there you have it. That’s our in-depth guide to finding the best ways to clean your windows.

While clean windows are everyone’s thing, how you do it is a personal preference. Some people like using a liquid cleaner on glass, while others prefer foam. There are even people who prefer to have the cloth and cleaner combined in a handy wipe.

However you like to clean your windows, there’s a glass cleaning product on our list that will fit in with how your household is run. 

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